Who Will Write to the Devil?

The devil wants to start conspiracies,
The devil wants to set a fire,
The devil wants to pepper spray
The eyes of protesters

The devil wants to fire water cannons
The devil wants to spill oil in the water
The devil wants the shore to be overcome

The devil wants to heat the people up
And choke them with it
The devil wants to breathe his hot breath
On the ice
He wants to melt it all

The devil wants to take Religion
And shoot it up with drugs
And words
And guns
And hate
To paint his dirty face on the pulpit

The devil wants to shoot the Innocent
The devil wants to tear us apart
The devil wants to draw fear
From the pits of our stomachs
And place it in our hearts instead

The devil wants to rape our Women
The devil wants to kill the Others
The devil wants to drive a plane into a building
And watch it crumble from his cockpit throne

The devil wants us to put our hand on our chest
And pledge allegiance to him

Who’s going to write to him?
Who will send him the letter –

I’m sorry you didn’t get to do what you wanted
I’m sorry we beat you to it

Who will tell him that we used freedom
To curl around our Mother
And choke ourselves and our children
With heat

Who will write to the devil
And tell him we beat him to it all?

-Helen Armstrong, December 12, 2016

This is just the first draft of a new poem, but feel free to share this if it spoke to you! Just please make sure to credit me.


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